Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

Location & Services

50 Beach Dr., Destin, FL 32541; Mail: PO Box 1862, Destin, FL 32540
Email:  (850)654-7133

Sunday School, 9:30 AM; Worship Service, 10:30 AM, Youth Group, 5 PM
(Communion Held Monthly on 1st Sunday,
Fellowship Dinner on 3rd Sunday Following Services) 

Men's Monday Prayer Group, 7:30 AM
Wednesday Evening Meal & Study Group, 6:00 PM

Purpose & Vision


Cornerstone Presbyterian Church of Destin has an overall purpose as a church, which affects everything that we do as a church family. We exist to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. 

Our vision is to be a church that equips people of every age to impact the world around them for Jesus Christ. We believe that believers of all ages can be equipped to serve Jesus Christ. Because of this vision we want to challenge and train children, youth, and adults to live for Jesus Christ so that they can effectively serve Him throughout their lives.



Who is welcome?

We desire to help people come to know who Jesus Christ is. Whether you are a seeker after the Lord; whether you have more questions than answers about spiritual matters, we want to help you come to know Jesus Christ personally.


What does that mean?

We want to walk together to build an ever-deepening faith and love relationship with Jesus Christ. At Cornerstone, we want those in our church family to know more than mere information about Jesus Christ. We want to help people walk in an intimate relationship with Him. At Cornerstone we provide various means and ministries that allow individuals to grow deeper in their understanding of Jesus Christ in their lives.


How can I help?

We desire to equip believers to discover and develop their spiritual gifts to serve for Jesus Christ. Each and every believer in Jesus Christ has been given a spiritual gift at their conversion. It is the responsibility of the church to help believers find and use their spiritual gifts. That is our great desire here at Cornerstone.